Slow Death Tone & Regulator

by Kick Ptarmigan



Over three years after Kick Ptarmigan's sophomore album "Trihornasaurus" was unceremoniously spilled on the lap of an unsuspecting public, we are preparing our next major-ish release. The amply anticipated "Throw Your Phone Off A Bridge" is the product of exhausting work and long hours and persecution complexes that didn't actually have anything to do with these songs, because not everything is about you!

I'm sorry. I've just been under a lot of pressure lately. I don't want to talk about it. So please enjoy a preview of what we have been unnecessarily burdening ourselves with, and keep an eye out for the forthcoming "Throw Your Phone Off A Bridge!"


released March 30, 2015

Guitar/Vocals : MArtin Jenkins
Bass : Duncan Bell
Drums : Aaron Lycett

Artwork by Duncan Bell

Recorded at Northern Tone Works
Produced by Aaron Lycett & Kick Ptarmigan.
Mixed & Mastered by Jon @ EpicSounds


all rights reserved



Kick Ptarmigan Parry Sound

Kick Ptarmigan, having recently devoured local greats the Spins, are set to record their third album this year. They play a unique hybrid of hair metal and doo-wop that sounds suspiciously like indie folk/rock.

Comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Violent Femmes and the Barenaked Ladies have been met with confused stares.
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Track Name: Slow Death Tone
Your eyes to trace the skyline but it doesn't really track
The landmark trees have died the plan was never coming back
You got the slow death tone, watch the world go on without you
The stars enlarge and drift apart
This dwelling by the cliffs is not a home

What if I've never been here
What if I can never leave
The water beats the wind here
Can you distinguish it from me

Taken home where nothing looks familiar
These ancient lives were sanitized
Could I have really been here
Bored into the stone
These pits and spikes have only grown
The distance can't be overcome
Must be headed home


Enjoy the signal show, the phantoms interact here
Hearts are beaten by receding skies
The darkened waves below
You got the slow death tone
And offered to distract her
Dive beneath that shining beach
each person leaves alone

Chorus x2
Track Name: Regulator
I fell between the fibers of a very fine weave
The gravity to fire this particular me
A feather for a flyer a confederacy
We're not aligning with the energy thief
We're not abiding by the energy thief

Kill to take control, you're a
Regulator all your own

Send a wire to the man in the dark
Setting fire to the haploid patriarch
The weather and appendage a commander in chief
We're not aligning with the energy thief
We're not invited by the energy thief

Regulator cure to take control
You're a regulator
You don't have the space to know
You can fight the fight itself you
Can't afford the fee
You're a
Regulator not for me